Berlin Diary: Juggling Life

     |    Monday, der 8. April 2013

Some people have all the talent! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I spotted a very tall unicycle resting against a lamppost. The thing must have been close to 2 meters high – at any rate much bigger than I am. My astonishment was all the greater when my friend called out ‚look‘! There, on 

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Berlin Diary: Frohe Ostern und Frühling der Liebe

     |    Sunday, der 31. March 2013

Love, a many splendoured thing. But loving the weather in Berlin takes a special dedication. The snow and ice are unremitting in spite of the fact that spring has officially already sprung. Thankfully the artists provide us with respite from the cold – as seen here in this Kreuzberg graffiti. Found on the front facade 

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Berlin Diary: Rain, Sleet, Snow? Bike On!

     |    Thursday, der 21. March 2013

In the deepest depths of winter… Why is this man riding a bike? In 3, maybe 4 inches of snow? Berliners brave all kinds of weather to commute to work or just to get around. They are heroes. As crazy as it looks, riding a bike in the snow is not all that nuts. Ok, 

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Trompe-l’œil am Görli: Dies ist kein Kiosk

     |    Tuesday, der 12. March 2013

Augentäuschung! Dies ist kein Kiosk – sondern nur ein Bild von einem Bild von einem Kiosk. Der ganze Kiosk ist ein totaler Fake, obwohl die Zeitungsablage vor dem Verkaufsfenster sieht zum Greifen echt aus. Die Abbildung vom echten Kiosk auf der anderen Seite des Gebäudes ist auch etwas älter – man sieht’s an der Knut-Schlagzeile 

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Burning Down the House! Feuerwache Kreuzberg

     |    Wednesday, der 6. March 2013

Graffiti is so Kreuzberg, that even the fire house is covered with it. Hand painted flames and fire fighters grace the front facade of the fire station in Wiener Strasse. One of our office colleagues thinks the figure here looks like a Berlin version of a kinder and gentler Judge Dredd.     The fire 

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