Labour in a Single Shot – Harun Farocki and Antje Ehmann on Work in the 21st Century

     |    Thursday, der 26. February 2015

The depiction of labor in mass media, analysing pre-industrial, industrial and digital economic structures and redefining the working class as a group (and ideally sense of class consciousness and solidarity) to which the bricklayer and the media professional alike belong as equals – these were some recurring themes of the late Harun Farocki’s work. So 

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FUTURE WORKS: About work

     |    Thursday, der 8. May 2014

El concepto de “trabajo” existe desde los orígenes del ser humano, y se ha reflexionado sobre ello a lo largo de toda la historia. Ahora, en pleno siglo XXI, con el avance de la tecnología, son muchos los que cuestionan el futuro del trabajo mecanizado y el papel que las personas desempeñaremos en él. El 

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Police meet Refugees in Bad Belzig

     |    Monday, der 27. September 2010

Police meet Refugees in Bad Belzig   On 16th September a diverse group of people met for a dialogue about discimination and to start the formation of a network on the topic. Both asylum seekers from Africa and migrants from East-Europe, members of migration organisations and representatives from local and federal governmental bodies sat together 

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