Pedal Power

     |    Saturday, der 30. July 2011

Danielle Bernstein, co-director of WHEN CLOUDS CLEAR, is involved in another project that uses culture to promote environmental awareness, here in a very concrete and direct way. Pedal Power NYC is an organization dedicated to capturing and repurposing human power with bicycles. Founded by Ariel Agai in 2011, Pedal Power NYC helps to imagine new 

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Update from WHEN CLOUDS CLEAR Co-Director Danielle Bernstein

     |    Monday, der 24. May 2010

Message from Danielle Bernstein (co-director of WHEN CLOUDS CLEAR)     “URGENT: Dear Friends– I just received an email from Carlos Zorrilla from Intag region, Ecuador. He reports the bad news that the nightmare scenario in the struggle against mining is now in play. The Ecuadorian government, which owns the Junin…concessions, is moving forward with plans 

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Ecuadorians sue Canadian mining company Copper Mesa

     |    Tuesday, der 23. March 2010

  Copper Mesa is the same company whose plans to mine copper from beneath the ‘cloud forests’ in Junin meant that the indigenous peoples there faced devastation and relocation. The film WHEN CLOUDS CLEAR documents the struggle of the Intag region native inhabitants to protect their land and way of life.  This week, Copper 

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WHEN CLOUDS CLEAR Co-Helmer Danielle Bernstein’s Next Project

     |    Tuesday, der 2. March 2010

  Danielle Bernstein, co-director of WHEN CLOUDS CLEAR, has a new project in the works. Mothers of a Nation, a film, exhibition and outreach program produced and edited by Bernstein and directed and shot by photographer Ansley West. The film follows a group of five HIV positive women in Jinja, Uganda and how they find 

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