Guerilla Knitting: Damit der Laternenpfahl nicht friert

     |    Thursday, der 14. February 2013

xhiller was out of the inner city and the last thing you’d expect to see is some beautiful guerrilla knitting so far out in the boondocks. But here it is – proof in pudding. A lamppost near Wannsee in Berlin, Germany gets a warm covering. Full Wool Jacket! This particular knitting masterpiece was dedicated to 

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Max Liebermann exposition

     |    Sunday, der 24. July 2011

Photo: Laure Pacory   Today, I have visited the exposition of paintings titled «Max Liebermann am Meer» (”Max Liebermann on the Sea”) located in Berlin-Wannsee. There, one can admire pictures of the Berliner painter Max Liebermann (1847-1935). He made these paintings during trips to the Dutch coast at the beginning of the 20th century. The location of 

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