Hollister Store at Boulevard Berlin

     |    Sunday, der 27. May 2012

Last Friday, I entered a Hollister store for the first time at the new Boulevard Berlin mall. I don’t think that this store is anything for me. It feels more like a club than a clothing store in my opinion, but I guess that teenagers will like it. However, I was very impressed with their 

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Chevron Goes Ballistic

     |    Monday, der 31. May 2010

    Maybe black balloons would have been more fitting to the occasion. But the creativity of the folks behind the Change Chevron Campaign knows no bounds. At the San Ramon Art & Wind Festival (in the state of California, USA) activists handed out hundreds of balloons. The balloons had the picture of of Chevron 

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Howard Zinn Cartoon

     |    Saturday, der 27. March 2010

Empire or Humanity? What the Classroom Didn’t Teach Me About the American Empire is a short animated film based on the late Howard Zinn’s graphic novel People’s History of American Empire. In 2008, Zinn (with fellow historian Paul Buhle) distilled some of his key writings for presentation in the popular, low-threshold medium of comics to 

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