Berlin Diary – ALIAS

     |    Thursday, der 15. September 2011

One of’s translators asked me to look for work by ALIAS. Hmmm. OK. Then, really and truly purely by chance, I ran into a stencil work at Mariannenplatz next to the Bethanien’s new little skateboard set-up. Seems that Kunstraum Kreuzberg will be featuring skater films. Sounds right up our alley! ALIAS – very dramatic. 

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Berlin Diary: Guerrilla Knitting and the Crochet Queen

     |    Tuesday, der 2. August 2011

Guerrilla Knitting, like Guerrilla Gardening, is a new fad that is catching on quickly. As one blogger put it: Guerrilla Knitting is stealing graffiti artists the show. This bridge improvement project was spotted in Berlin’s Görlitzer Park. It’s not just the color, it’s the texture. The impulse to touch it. And perhaps best of all, 

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Berlin Diary: and the beat goes on – SOULMIND goes 1UP

     |    Thursday, der 16. June 2011

Just in time – xhiller’s got the weekend sound track of chilled beats from Berlin by Scott Hobbs and Soulmind! And to accompany this soundblending work of art, I offer you a pic snapped in the immediate neighborhood: it’s 1UP, folks! I have often asked myself: what does all this 1UP graffiti mean? I see 

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Berlin Diary

     |    Wednesday, der 11. May 2011

xhiller found this stenciled tile artwork in Görlitzer Park. A ceramic tile piece that is well-hidden (similar to the type of work that Tona does) but with a message that is loud and clear (and in unmistakable Pop Art visual language): we all need an EMERGENCY TIME OUT BUTTON.  For a close-up of the button, 

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     |    Thursday, der 28. April 2011

This Friday, April 29 at 7pm, Skalitzers Contemporary Art  Gallery in Berlin (Skalitzer Strasse 43, 10997) presents PUNITIONS, the first solo exhibition in Berlin of the Parisian artist L’ATLAS. One of Europe’s most fascinating urban artists, L’ATLAS works with everything from small block-printed tags to massive, perfectly executed taped street pieces. Xhiller had the good 

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