Berlin Diary: Charlie Chaplin I See You

     |    Friday, der 8. November 2013

Hallo Charlie Chaplin. The little guy there with the floppy hat and the funny shoes. With  mustache belonging to a murderous maniac. Where did you come from? What are doing on this street corner, peering out at all the people rushing by? Do they see you when they are passing, looking out from the wall. 

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Of Circus and Things: xhiller in Kreuzberg

     |    Friday, der 25. October 2013

The back courtyard at the Bethanien Artists Residence is a hotbed for graffiti paintings – some of them quite large and colorful. xhiller found this big circus motif on a wall near the playground. The kids must love the amusing egg-like figure dancing under the cupcake colored tent. The whole figure bathed in a blue 

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     |    Thursday, der 24. October 2013

They sleep only a few hours every night, they invest tons of money in spray paint cans and live with the fear of getting caught by the police. They do it all while expecting nothing in return. But, they say they feel free and more alive than ever. This is how train sprayers in Berlin 

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Rider One: ‚The Street is My Office‘

     |    Friday, der 18. October 2013

Ahhhh – who is Rider one? The graffiti artist who tagged up the building shown here in Köpenicker Strasse in Kreuzberg?  You can find graffiti artists in the net who go by the name of Rider. But, look a bit down in the middle toward the sidewalk and you’ll see the wording like a signature: 

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