Berlin Diary – Berliner Arroganz?

     |    Friday, der 6. December 2013

Guerrilla gardening, guerrilla knitting, now guerrilla t-shirting? Is this a new Berlin trend in urban expression? We’ve had the locks on bridges, the bottle cap mosaics, the cool ceramic tiles,  flower bombing… is graffiti passé? Oh definitely not. But the winter weather is now upon us – weather front Xaver dropping wind gusts and snow 

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Der Kronkorken-König: Mathias Waller Mosaik in Görlitzer Park

     |    Thursday, der 28. February 2013

Mathias Waller has created a new mosaic in Kreuzberg’s Görlitzer Park near our offices in Berlin. Appropriately embedded in the side of the Turkish Fountain ruins, the piece is quite large, like Waller’s other bottle cap mosaics. In summer, he had some temporary urban art pieces embedded directly in the sandy pathway in front of 

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Random Urban Landscape: Sonne und Spree

     |    Tuesday, der 12. February 2013

xhiller visits the Spree on a cold, sunny day. The colors of the graffiti are echoed in the colors of the river itself and the new buildings on the opposite shore. The banks to the Spree are more often than not an abandoned-looking jumble of garbage, old ruins from some building long gone, and ungroomed 

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Hier kommt die Sonne – Light at the end of the tunnel!

     |    Wednesday, der 6. February 2013

A gift from the heavens! Yellow rays piercing through the wall of gray.  Magnificent blue skies swiping at the winter doldrums. Dare we hope for Spring? Berlin, it’s time to crawl out of hiding and take a look around. If you know the inner city here particularly well, you might know exactly where xhiller snapped 

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Keith Haring Retrospective at Brooklyn Museum

     |    Monday, der 9. January 2012

Flavorpill, the music/film/art geek’s ultimate online information source, just published their list of most anticipated art exhibitions in 2012. Among them, a show Keith Haring’s early works at the Brooklyn Museum. Sure, Haring is often cited as an example of ultimate co-optation of underground voices by the mainstream. Haring’s distinctive, stylized figures with bold outlines 

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