Playing the Game – New Promo Video by SOFA SURFERS

     |    Thursday, der 25. March 2010

The director of LIFE IN LOOPS, Timo Novotny, has created the music clip “Playing the Game” for the single from the new Sofa Surfer album Blindside . Performer/singer Mani Obeya (photo left) is credited for text, dancing and choreography. Obeya has been a member of the Sofa Surfers since 2005. Filmmaker and VJ Novotny also 

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Markus Kienzl: New Album

     |    Wednesday, der 13. January 2010

MARKUS KIENZL has published his second full length album DENSITY. KIENZL ist founding member and key figure of the Vienna-based electronic-dub-collective SOFA SURFERS, the Musicians who composed the music for LIFE IN LOOPS. DENSITY is something like an aggregation of previous Kienzls, but also a forceful evolution of a characteristic language of sound and style, 

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