realsoccer: Narco-soccer

     |    Saturday, der 27. November 2010

Soccer is all about representation. Or more correctly, watching/talking/commenting/analysing soccer is all about representation (playing the game’s a different story). Your daughter is kicking it for Berlin club Türkiyemspor, well, you’re suddenly an ambassador of integration, or non-integration, depending who’s looking at you. There’s game strategies, systems and even positions linked to political viewpoints, there’s 

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realsoccer: Ultras #1

     |    Thursday, der 22. July 2010

Confession to make: One of the company’s co-owner’s is a soccer nut. That’s me. Die hard fan (and member) of soccer’s finest Eintracht Braunschweig, supporting soccer dad of nine-year-old daughter playing the Philipp-Lahm-position at Berlin club Türkiyemspor’s E-girl-team. Confession #2: I like to mingle with the ultras in the stadium. Ultras – for those few 

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