Writing movies by AI

     |    Friday, der 28. October 2016

By Andrew Horn I once had a friend named Lenny, who, among more normal pursuits, was a consummate prankster. One example would be the creation and distribution of a marketing pamphlet for a company called Compu-Date-o Seek: a computer dating service – if you remember those – for people who wanted to date computers. He 

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ART GIRLS: Coming to a Cinema and Online Classroom Near You

     |    Sunday, der 8. February 2015

ART GIRLS by Robert Bramkamp is a sci-fi-flick cum art world satire featuring German stars Peter Lohmeyer (in a double role) and Inga Busch along with some real life artworks by Martin Kippenberger, Susanne Weirich, Paul McCarthy, Joseph Beuys and many others. The story centers on three Berlin-based artists (Busch, Megan Gay and Jana Schulz) 

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