L’Oeuf Raide – Electro from Lyon Made in Berlin-Neukölln

     |    Tuesday, der 8. February 2011

The influx of international musicians to Berlin is reaching new heights. It currently rivals the David Bowie/Iggy Pop sojourn in 70s Schöneberg. Or the 80s, when half of the Melbourne postpunk scene (Nick Cave, Jim “Foetus” Thirlwell et al.) hung and strung out in the Wall City, or when Martin Gore of synthpoppers Depeche Mode 

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Best DJ of All Time?

     |    Wednesday, der 8. December 2010

The end of the year is approaching and what is this season’s favorite activity? Gift shopping? Drinking mulled wine? No – list making. Not just jotting down recipients of gifts and cards or New Year’s resolutions, mind you, but also self-reflection in the form of participation in year end polls. Best movie, most annoying pop 

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