Six Degrees of Separation or Less: Miranda July and Radical Act

     |    Wednesday, der 23. February 2011

  The saying goes that there are a maximum of six degrees of separation between any two given people or groups, anywhere in the world. There are even less degrees separating filmmaker/artist/author/musician Miranda July and Tex Clark, director of RADICAL ACT. How’s that? Clark’s DIY documentary about feminist, riot grrl and queer rock and indie 

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Radical – Shirle Hale

     |    Monday, der 21. February 2011

    Radical Act producer Erin Donovan catches up 15 years after the women’s rock documentary’s completion with Shirle Hale, formerly with the bands ‘Women of Destruction’ and ‘Mary Lou Hale’.

Radical Act – New Teaser

     |    Friday, der 14. January 2011

For the DVD and VOD release of RADICAL ACT (director Tex Clark pictured left) 15 years after the film’s original release in 1995, a new teaser was produced, highlighting the musicians views on the political dimension of their work. Watch it here.