Berlin Art Film Festival – Take 2

     |    Friday, der 4. December 2015  |     12

The second edition of the Berlin Art Film Festival cheerfully disregards the tyranny of the premiere to assemble a selection of works old and new on “poetry, politics and porn“, as the festival motto boldly proclaims. The program not so much dissects the hot button topics of the day – although that function is certainly 

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R.I.P. Peter Kern – From Fassbinder to Räuber Hotzenplotz and Beyond

     |    Thursday, der 27. August 2015  |     1

Austrian filmmaker and actor Peter Kern has passed away at age 66. He had been performing since childhood, singing in the Vienna Boys Choir and acting on stage and screen. His film debut was Hans-Jürgen Syberberg’s „Ludwig – Requiem for a Virgin King“ (1972), the first of Syberg’s monumental and controversial reflections on German history. 

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Victory Day – LGBT in Russland nach der „Anti-Propaganda-„Gesetzgebung

     |    Tuesday, der 4. November 2014

Samstag, 22.11.2014, 19:00 BERLIN-PREMIERE Victory day (Den Pobedy) Russland 2014 R: Alina Rudnitskaya Dokumentarfilm 30 min OmeU In ihrem neuen Film DEN POBEDY (Victory Day) läßt Alina Rudnitskaya („Bitch Academy“) russische Schwule und Lesben über die Auswirkungen des neuen Anti-Homosexuellen Gesetzes auf ihr Leben erzählen. Draußen feiert die Stadt die Militärparade zu Ehren des Siegs 

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Depiction of HIV/AIDS in Music Clips

     |    Sunday, der 29. May 2011

  Photo: On the set of the music video ‘Gotta Give’ (courtesy of Steps for the Future) Reading an obituary about Gil Scott-Heron’s untimely death at age 62 on Friday, May 27, greatly saddened me. Scott-Heron’s witty and incisive social commentary had been a great source of inspiration, call to action and solace for almost 

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