Berlin Elections 2011 Part 1 – Campaign Posters

     |    Sunday, der 28. August 2011

This is not an endorsement of the party that published this poster (Piratenpartei or Pirate Party). But the slogan – “don’t trust any poster – inform yourselves!” was a rare beacon of light in an election campaign that eclipsed past ones with particularly vapid and opportunistic (even for election campaign standards) communiqués.

Donate to Help Tuli Kupferberg Pay His Medical Bills

     |    Tuesday, der 11. May 2010

Tuli Kupferberg, 86 year old member of the legendary New York underground band The Fugs, has had a stroke. Because of the stroke he has lost his eyesight. There is hope that America will soon revamp their health care system. But many chronically ill people cannot pay their astronomical doctor bills. Kupferberg continues to work 

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     |    Tuesday, der 4. May 2010

The Galerie Olaf Stüber in Berlin is showing until May 8 a collection of  rarely seen 1970s US video art. These works are a radical critique of TV and re-define the triangular relationship between spectator, artist and medium. Chip Lord was a member of a 70s video artist collective known as Ant Farm, whose work 

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Attac Bank Tribunal: Guilty as Charged

     |    Monday, der 12. April 2010

Verdict Announced! … The five judges at the bank tribunal have announced their verdict. Accordingly to the results, the indicted governments were co-responsible for the bank crisis as well as for their inadequate response to it. Also, the financial institutions were in no way simply “driven by the market”, but were guilty of grossly neglecting 

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Howard Zinn Cartoon

     |    Saturday, der 27. March 2010

Empire or Humanity? What the Classroom Didn’t Teach Me About the American Empire is a short animated film based on the late Howard Zinn’s graphic novel People’s History of American Empire. In 2008, Zinn (with fellow historian Paul Buhle) distilled some of his key writings for presentation in the popular, low-threshold medium of comics to 

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