In A Taxi With Allah

     |    Thursday, der 14. October 2010

When an Arab meets a countryman – in my case, a countrywoman – a flood of curiosity is sure to follow. Where are your from? Do you speak Arabic? Why not? Have you ever been to Palestine? And so on… Usually such interludes are of short duration and I can wriggle my way out of 

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Grownupism! 1Day, When I Grow Up!

     |    Thursday, der 4. March 2010

PART LXXIV   So, as usual, I wuz sittin’ an’ stinkin’ ‘bout sunny skies, warm breezes an’ not havin’ to slip an’ slide on icy sidewalks an’ wear ten tonsa clothes. I have to get up even earlier for skool, jesta have enuf extra time to put on alla my winter kamouflage clothes stuff, in 

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