Dreaming awake: GOODNIGHT NOBODY

     |    Thursday, der 20. March 2014

There are similar stories in every corner of the world. Feelings like anger, happiness or love appear across all cultures– as does insomnia. GOODNIGHT NOBODY, by Jacqueline Zünd, explores the world of four people who do not sleep. They never wake up, because they never fall asleep, and their day lasts 24 hours. This is 

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The Best Setting- Night Shifts

     |    Thursday, der 19. December 2013

The sun goes down, but the stars switch on. In the end, night always returns. A full stop in our day-to-day lives, a small break to rest and to get ready for what will come. But the city never sleeps, since there are many who wake up with the silence of nightfall. “Tomorrow is another 

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