More HOME RECORDINGS in Super 8 and on mp3

    |    Friday, der 22. April 2011

  HOME RECORDINGS by director Mari Soppela is a documentary chronicling the dissolution of her marriage to producer-musician Leo Anemaet. Somewhat along the lines of “Scenes from a Marriage” or “5×2″ meets “Let It Be” (a film which documents the Beatles recording their last released album while growing increasingly estranged in the process, ready for 

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L’Oeuf Raide – Electro from Lyon Made in Berlin-Neukölln

    |    Tuesday, der 8. February 2011

The influx of international musicians to Berlin is reaching new heights. It currently rivals the David Bowie/Iggy Pop sojourn in 70s Schöneberg. Or the 80s, when half of the Melbourne postpunk scene (Nick Cave, Jim “Foetus” Thirlwell et al.) hung and strung out in the Wall City, or when Martin Gore of synthpoppers Depeche Mode 

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Ralf Regitz – Techno Pioneer – Dies at Age 46

    |    Tuesday, der 25. January 2011

  Ralf Regitz, one of the founding fathers of Berlin’s techno club scene and driving force behind the love parade from day 1 died at age 46. I shared some time with him in the 80s drifting in and out of Fischlabor and other places of the late Westberlin. Our paths crossed very sporadically only 

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Original inspiration of Poe’s EMPIRE II – Warhol’s “Empire” playing Club Transmediale

    |    Sunday, der 31. January 2010

Watch the inspiration of Amos Poe’s Warhol homage EMPIRE II at Club Transmediale: “Groupshow presents an 8-hour performance with Andy Warhol’s film ‘Empire’, a marathon event which dissolves into a hybrid of audiovisual installation and concert. Here, improvisation as a process-based art form meets a cinematic study of time unfolding. The single-shot recording of New 

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