Dueling Music Videos: RM486 vs. Übermorgen

     |    Sunday, der 27. September 2015  |     3

Perusing Social Media this weekend yielded two clips for electronica acts that deal with identity, gender and the pleasure of mise-en-scène. Rose McGowan, actress („Grindhouse: Planet Terror“, „Scream“, „The Doom Generation“) director and vocal critic of gender inequality in Hollywood (bless ‚er), is consolidating the music career she has been pursuing as a sideline with 

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Tapehead: From Clip to Blip

     |    Monday, der 24. January 2011

Douglas Rushkoff cited in his seminal 1994 book Media Virus that in comparison, the average length of shots in Hollywood narrative films had become markedly shorter in the wake of the music clip and its popularization through MTV. Some saw this as proof of the aforementioned phenomenon. A faster editing frequency doesn’t necessarily equal a 

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Tapehead – End of the Decade, Part 2

     |    Friday, der 24. December 2010

The first decade oend in one year, depending on if you count 2000 as the first year of the new or last year of the old.) The music clip has weathered a momentous decade and despite reports of its demise, is going strong. Thanks to cheaper video equipment and the internet, there are more clips 

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Tapehead – End of the Decade, Part 1

     |    Thursday, der 23. December 2010

  Happy Holidays! And here’s something to do if you end up booting the computer: online clip viewing suggestions for those who are tired of YouTube (and in some countries, can’t even watch videos on it because the labels or royalty collection agencies have blocked them) and find the sheer amount on Dailymotion or Vimeo 

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Tapehead: U.S. Election Special

     |    Saturday, der 30. October 2010

  Thanks to the wonders of the internet, the scanner and the PDF, Tapehead will not have to spend high double digit dough to still cast a ballot in the upcoming U.S. midterm elections on Nov. 2 after the absentee ballot wasn’t sent. So does Tapehead’s or anybody else’s vote really count? Here are three 

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