Puccini at Night – Time Lapse

     |    Thursday, der 16. September 2010

Buenos Aires  Craig McCourry’s film offers breathtaking timelapse views of architecture and urban life in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Shanghai, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Sydney, set to Giacomo Puccini’s kitschy yet addictive “Nessun Dorma” aria from “Turandot”.

A Conversation with Michael Glawogger (Part 3)

     |    Thursday, der 7. January 2010

Is Toni the Hustler one of the characters closest to your heart? He was one of my most exciting experiences, but also one of the scariest. He kept on saying I was his friend, but I was never sure what he really meant by that. He was Afro American, he was a friend and a 

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A Conversation with Michael Glawogger (Part 2)

     |    Wednesday, der 6. January 2010

Interview about MEGACITIES   Is this the message of your film?   With all my films I’ve been criticised for not saying clearly enough what I think. For just showing things, putting them on the screen, without a message at the end. A message would entail a solution – giving people the reassuring feeling that 

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A Conversation with Michael Glawogger (Part 1)

     |    Tuesday, der 5. January 2010

To begin with, a question about the film’s ending, where someone says „I am very happy” … … Yes, some people have felt that sentence to be a mockery. I don’t agree. You show people who eke out a miserable existence, who live in utter destitution – but not in utter hopelessness. On the contrary, 

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