Berlinale Blog – Casting JonBenet: A Film About… Us

     |    Thursday, der 9. February 2017

By Andrew Horn I once read a very interesting definition of kitsch. It said, “you see a beautiful child and you shed a tear because you are so moved by it’s beauty. But when you shed a second tear because you are moved by the fact that you were moved – that’s kitsch.” If there 

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CROP – Reframing the Media and Documentary Practice

     |    Wednesday, der 8. October 2014

The 2011 Egyptian Revolution has generated terabytes of still and moving images. They were disseminated seconds after their creation through social media. Practically overnight, cellphones, Twitter and Facebook shattered the carefully controlled image production by state-run media. The autocratic government of Hosni Mubarak relied heavily on print media and television to lull Egyptians into passive 

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