Pasadena Projekt – The Soundtrack to Mentrup’s & Sattel’s Films

     |    Friday, der 1. April 2011

Pasadena Projekt is not just Mario Mentrup moonlighting musically. The noise folk – for lack of a better term – trio (the other members are theater sound designer and musician Nikolaus Woernle, and, not pictured, musician-artist-performer Ole Wulfers) contributed to the soundtracks to Mentrup’s films he co-directed with Volker Sattel ( STADT DES LICHTS-CITY OF 

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New Project With Mario Mentrup

     |    Monday, der 31. January 2011

Mario Mentrup, co-director of I DO ADORE, CITY OF LIGHT und THE EAGLE IS GONE, stars in Sven Wegner’s short film UNGESCHRIEBENE GESETZE (Unwritten Laws). Watch the trailer of the Berlin-set (anti-)romantic comedy below.