The Swimming Pool atop the Spree: Badeschiff Berlin

     |    Thursday, der 18. July 2013

Did you know that Berlin has a swimming pool that floats atop the Spree River? In the early 1900’s, the Spree River used to be full of this type freshwater swimming pool known as swimming ships . Today, the ‚Badeschiff‘  bordering Kreuzberg is the only  swimming pool currently floating on the Spree  in Berlin. It 

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Flower Power

     |    Tuesday, der 28. May 2013

  Hey, instead of graffiti, one creative city dweller in Kreuzberg, downtown Berlin, filled cans with earth, planted some petunias and other dots of color, and fastened the cans to the rain drainpipe on her building. This flower lover also tied the cans to the lampposts in her neighborhood. An explosion of yellow, blue, ruby 

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Berlin Diary: Kreuzberg Goes 1UP

     |    Monday, der 15. April 2013

What is One Up? Who is One Up? Where is One UP?  One Up is a sprayer crew from Berlin-Kreuzberg. Their work is everywhere, and not just in Berlin. The easy to remember name stands for One United Power. Their pieces are love letters to Berlin – especially to Kreuzberg. Yeah! I love it! A 

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Berlin Diary: Juggling Life

     |    Monday, der 8. April 2013

Some people have all the talent! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I spotted a very tall unicycle resting against a lamppost. The thing must have been close to 2 meters high – at any rate much bigger than I am. My astonishment was all the greater when my friend called out ‚look‘! There, on 

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Berlin Diary: Graffiti Artist ALIAS

     |    Friday, der 5. April 2013

This is a stencil graffiti by the Berlin graffiti artist who goes by the name Alias. Alias may be working under an alias, but the work is pretty damn famous. This photo was taken in Kreuzberg just a few days ago. But the piece has been up on that wall for years! Now that’s a 

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