Berlin Diary – Tagging in Berlin – Schriftkunst

     |    Wednesday, der 27. November 2013

xhiller has been scouring the streets in Kreuzberg the past days for excellent examples of tagging in Berlin. In a doorway in Pücklerstrasse – on a black ceramic  tile with white pen – a handwritten tag repeated in calligraphy style – of course it brings to mind  L’ATLAS.  The repetition a statement, a visual device, 

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Berlin Diary: Charlie Chaplin I See You

     |    Friday, der 8. November 2013

Hallo Charlie Chaplin. The little guy there with the floppy hat and the funny shoes. With  mustache belonging to a murderous maniac. Where did you come from? What are doing on this street corner, peering out at all the people rushing by? Do they see you when they are passing, looking out from the wall. 

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Of Circus and Things: xhiller in Kreuzberg

     |    Friday, der 25. October 2013

The back courtyard at the Bethanien Artists Residence is a hotbed for graffiti paintings – some of them quite large and colorful. xhiller found this big circus motif on a wall near the playground. The kids must love the amusing egg-like figure dancing under the cupcake colored tent. The whole figure bathed in a blue 

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Beautiful Autumn, Beautiful Fall

     |    Wednesday, der 9. October 2013

  It’s autumn and the leaves in Germany are turning now .  We enter a bittersweet time of nature’s astounding transformations and the slow letting go of her lushness in preparation for winter sleep.  Even the parking lot of the building housing our offices has leaves spreading their fingers of color across the flat vertical 

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If Not Ganu Ganu – Who? Graffiti @ Bethanien

     |    Wednesday, der 25. September 2013

Berlin graffiti waiting to be discovered. Spotted this paste-up drawing at the back of Kreuzberg’s Künstlerhaus Bethanien. A lovely caveman type drawing with intricate detailing and line work. Xhiller tried to figure out who the artist was, but after looking up the tag at the bottom left of the image and coming up with nothing, we 

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