URBAN GUERILLAS: Regisseur Neco Çelik im Gespräch mit Maxim Biller

     |    Wednesday, der 14. January 2015  |     3

2004, zum Kinostart von URBAN GUERILLAS, sprach Regisseur Neco Çelik mit Autor Maxim Biller über den Sprayer als James Dean unserer Zeit, Kreuzberg vs. South Bronx sowie Mehrsprachigkeit und Multikulti (das aktuell als Kampfbegriff von bspw. Viktor Orban benutzt wird) als Realität in Deutschland. Anläßlich der VOD-Premiere von URBAN GUERILLAS und weiterer Filme von Neco Çelik 

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New Films on the Block – Crowdfunding Campaign for Graduate Films

     |    Tuesday, der 2. September 2014

FilmArche in Berlin is Europe’s first student-managed and self-funded film school. Productions by FilmArche students are regularly invited to major festivals, and Eric Esser, director of  soccer zombie short DAWN OF THE DORKS, is an alumnus and organizational committee member. FilmArche’s latest out of the box project is a crowdfunding campaign for six students‘ thesis 

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Berlin Diary: Wrangling with Wrangelstrasse

     |    Friday, der 21. February 2014

Wrangelstrasse in Kreuzberg 36 is gentrification in action. Amazing, how if you close your eyes for a month or six, what you see when you open them again. Fancy cake shops and ice cream (oh no, sorry Gelato) vendors doling out Italian-style in shabby chic storefronts.Is that the way the (Barcomi) cookie crumbles? Well, nice 

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Berlin Diary: Fred and Ginger Swing Time at the Ankerklause

     |    Friday, der 3. January 2014

xhiller on the Kreuzberg beat – picking up some digital graffiti time on the banks of the Landwehr Channel. Near the Ankerklause a big, big marque „You’ll Never Be Happy Until You Try“ with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers sprayed onto a cleanly painted white wall. Black and white – with just their hearts in 

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Berlin Diary – Berliner Arroganz?

     |    Friday, der 6. December 2013

Guerrilla gardening, guerrilla knitting, now guerrilla t-shirting? Is this a new Berlin trend in urban expression? We’ve had the locks on bridges, the bottle cap mosaics, the cool ceramic tiles,  flower bombing… is graffiti passé? Oh definitely not. But the winter weather is now upon us – weather front Xaver dropping wind gusts and snow 

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