I Am Gay and Muslim: A Closet With Many Keys

     |    Friday, der 13. December 2013

The Arab Spring seemed to be a democratic awakening of freedom, equality and rights in Morocco and in all the other countries that took part in it. Two years later, the increasing power of Islamic groups and the government’s instability have complicated the situation. But, in stark contrast, Dutch filmmaker Chris Belloni released I AM 

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Counting Islam In

     |    Monday, der 7. March 2011

Count von Count Count Count, the number-lovin’ nobleman from Transylvania by way of Sesame Street, demonstrates a contribution of Arab (and by definition Islamic, as most scholarship took place under the aegis of religion) learning to the Western and entire world: the Arabic numeral system. Actually invented in India around 500 A.D. it was later 

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In A Taxi With Allah

     |    Thursday, der 14. October 2010

When an Arab meets a countryman – in my case, a countrywoman – a flood of curiosity is sure to follow. Where are your from? Do you speak Arabic? Why not? Have you ever been to Palestine? And so on… Usually such interludes are of short duration and I can wriggle my way out of 

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French Lower House of Parliament Bans Full Body Veils

     |    Tuesday, der 20. July 2010

On July 13, 2010, the Lower House of Parliament of France banned the use full body veils. This law has been voted because this type attire does not go with French values of equality between men and women. Safety is also another issue. It is important to be able to identify someone on the street. 

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