Films en France: Reality Check

     |    Friday, der 19. April 2013

par Julien MARSA Il est souvent reproché aux cinéastes français de fiction leur manque d’inclinaison et d’audace à traiter des sujets brûlants qui agitent notre société – immigration et intégration, paupérisation, ostracisme, communautarisme ou encore difficultés croissantes des jeunes à rentrer dans le monde du travail – par opposition au cinéma américain, qui n’éprouve aucune 

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Activists criticised EU and Africa in Wiesenburg

     |    Sunday, der 22. August 2010

  Activists criticised EU, Africa, in Wiesenburg Longinotto’s Documentary film, “the day I will never forget” was among the films screened inside closed tent to support presentations made by Cagintua e.V. during the just concluded ecotopia 2010 in Wiesenburg Germany.

US: Confused, Alone, and in Legal Limbo

     |    Friday, der 30. July 2010

People with mental disabilities, including US citizens, face a greater risk of erroneous deportation by United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) because courts do not ensure fair hearings for those not able to represent themselves, Human Rights Watch and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) said in a joint report released today. The groups 

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