Arthur Russell vs. xXx

     |    Wednesday, der 4. May 2011

Following reports on the release of music sessions with avantgarde composer/cellist/dance music producer Arthur Russell and Beat generation co-founder Allen Ginsberg (see blog post), another, even more unlikely collaboration has surfaced. In 1986, Russell recorded with a young rapper and breakdancer he discovered in the West Village by the name of Mark Sinclair Vincent. Gary 

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Best DJ of All Time?

     |    Wednesday, der 8. December 2010

The end of the year is approaching and what is this season’s favorite activity? Gift shopping? Drinking mulled wine? No – list making. Not just jotting down recipients of gifts and cards or New Year’s resolutions, mind you, but also self-reflection in the form of participation in year end polls. Best movie, most annoying pop 

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