Berlin Diary: Kreuzberg Goes 1UP

     |    Monday, der 15. April 2013

What is One Up? Who is One Up? Where is One UP?  One Up is a sprayer crew from Berlin-Kreuzberg. Their work is everywhere, and not just in Berlin. The easy to remember name stands for One United Power. Their pieces are love letters to Berlin – especially to Kreuzberg. Yeah! I love it! A 

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Berlin Diary: Graffiti Artist ALIAS

     |    Friday, der 5. April 2013

This is a stencil graffiti by the Berlin graffiti artist who goes by the name Alias. Alias may be working under an alias, but the work is pretty damn famous. This photo was taken in Kreuzberg just a few days ago. But the piece has been up on that wall for years! Now that’s a 

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Berlin Diary: Frohe Ostern und Frühling der Liebe

     |    Sunday, der 31. March 2013

Love, a many splendoured thing. But loving the weather in Berlin takes a special dedication. The snow and ice are unremitting in spite of the fact that spring has officially already sprung. Thankfully the artists provide us with respite from the cold – as seen here in this Kreuzberg graffiti. Found on the front facade 

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Burning Down the House! Feuerwache Kreuzberg

     |    Wednesday, der 6. March 2013

Graffiti is so Kreuzberg, that even the fire house is covered with it. Hand painted flames and fire fighters grace the front facade of the fire station in Wiener Strasse. One of our office colleagues thinks the figure here looks like a Berlin version of a kinder and gentler Judge Dredd.     The fire 

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