The situation of Chechen refugees in Poland. Human rights issues. A report by the Society for Threatened Peoples

     |    Thursday, der 17. March 2011

This report aims to improve the status of Chechen refugees by drawing the attention of the international community and responsible decision makers at all levels to their current situation. The following text provides information on entry, reception, living conditions, legal status and prospects of asylum seekers from Chechnya. It should serve to describe the current 

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Chilean Artists Abroad for Mapuche Earthquake Victims

     |    Friday, der 26. March 2010

  GfbV   Source: INOCA On Saturday, February 27, 2010 Chile was struck by a devastating earthquake. It registered 8.8 on the Richter scale and caused heavy damage and destruction in many parts of the country. We are members of the Organization of Chilean Artists Abroad, the INOCA Association , and we have decided to 

Weiter lesen’s first film partner – Society for Threatened Peoples

     |    Thursday, der 11. February 2010 is happy to announce its cooperation with the GfbV, The Society for Threatened Peoples-International. The GfbV is the film partner for our documentary SWITCH OFF! – APAGA Y VÁMONOS . Starting today, you can read regular blog articles with background information, news, and commentary posted by the GfbV. The Society for Threatened Peoples International  

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State and paramilitary repression of the Mapuche peoples

     |    Wednesday, der 10. February 2010

The conflict that began in 1990 in southern Chile among landowners, lumber   companies and the indigenous population has escalated. The Mapuche, normally a peaceful tribe, successfully defended their freedom and territories against first Incan and later Spanish colonists. Yet in the past century, they have lost nearly 90 percent of their land. They suffered above 

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