Tom   |    Friday, der 14. September 2018

Toro ist auf mehreren Ebenen stark, ein entschlossener junger Boxer, ein selbstbewusst inszenierter Schwarzweißfilm. Mutig erzählt er von dem selten angesprochenen Thema männlicher Prostitution. Toro (Paul Wollin) hat wie Regisseur Martin Hawie einen Migrationshintergrund und versucht sich in einer kalten deutschen Großstadt durchzuschlagen. Hinter seiner harten Fassade steckt ein junger Mann der einfühlsam sein kann 

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Berlinale 2015: A Quota for Female Directors?

     |    Thursday, der 19. February 2015

The Berlinale has always aspired to facilitate debate of contemporary social and political  issues: in its selection of film topics and foregrounding of issues through overarching program mottos and accompanying contextualizing events. This year, the initiative „ProQuoteRegie“ (PQR) , an association of German female directors and other media professionals, used the festival as a platform 

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Maps of radiation levels worldwide

     |    Sunday, der 10. April 2011

Radioactive materials sign  I have been wondering if there is a map available on the internet from an official organization displaying radiation levels around the world. I found a website that tries to display such map. This is no official place however and rather a network of individuals called “The Radiation Network” .

Police meet Refugees in Bad Belzig

     |    Monday, der 27. September 2010

Police meet Refugees in Bad Belzig   On 16th September a diverse group of people met for a dialogue about discimination and to start the formation of a network on the topic. Both asylum seekers from Africa and migrants from East-Europe, members of migration organisations and representatives from local and federal governmental bodies sat together 

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     |    Tuesday, der 8. September 2009

Check out what Dietmar Post and Lucía Palacios – the duo responsible for the acclaimed music doc MONKS – THE TRANSATLANTIC FEEDBACK – have just released: KLANGBAD: AVANT-GARDE IN THE MEADOWS(GER/SP/USA – 85 min – 2009) The Klangbad festival is Germany’s premiere live event for adventurous ears. Acts who have performed their include Kammerflimmer Kollektief 

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