R.I.P. Chantal Akerman

| Wednesday, der 7. October 2015| 9

Death is like taxes, and “thanks“ to social media there is no dearth of reports of cherished personalities exiting at a ripe old age and/or far too young. But the news of Chantal Akerman’s passing put a particular pall over yesterday. Akerman was a filmmaker who decisively influenced the way I think about cinema and 

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HERETICS – Joan Braderman pays tribute to Second Wave Feminism

| Friday, der 5. March 2010

Joan Braderman, whose 80s stand-up media critique classic JOAN DOES DYNASTY is on realeyz.tv, has just released her latest film Heretics. It’s a stylish and insightful documentary about legendary collective second wave feminist journal Heresies. More information about the project here. Watch a 10 minute teaser below.