The Second Conquest

     |    Tuesday, der 14. September 2010

Free trade agreements? Who cares? How boring can you get. Yeah well… this ain’t boring. The free trade agreement between the European Union, Columbia and Peru makes for suspenseful reading. Adhesion contracts that have precious little to do with free trade. What would you need fat law books for if you really did promote free 

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Blog news * Courts Ping Pong on the Belo Monte Dam Project * The Devil Operation Film Website Now Online

     |    Sunday, der 18. April 2010  |     12

About the FDCL blog on – the news here is that our posts (1-2 per week) will be available in the future in German only and in English if the source material is in that language. Based on the experiences gained since starting the blog in mid-February, it has become clear that translating all 

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Pandora Blue(s)

     |    Tuesday, der 9. March 2010

The Center for Research and Documentation Chile-Latin America (FDCL) analyses the “Avatar” phenomenon and what the unexpected Oscar snub (in favor of Kathryn Bigelow’s Iraq war drama “The Hurt Locker”) means in terms of natural resource vs. indigenous rights discourse in Latin America. Read the full post in German here.  

Welcome to our realeyz blog …

     |    Friday, der 12. February 2010

We, the FDCL, are film partners at for two documentary films about Peru, Choropampa- The Price of Gold and Tambogrande – Mangos, Murder, Mining. We’re going to break the blog guidelines a little by writing a somewhat longer article than usual as our first post. We’re not going to bore but we think 

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