The Fall and Rise of A BAND CALLED DEATH

     |    Thursday, der 24. July 2014

Detroit Rock City: the town that brought the world John Lee Hooker, Motown, MC5 (MC is an abbreviation for Motor City, Detroit’s nickname), Alice Cooper, George Clinton and P-Funk, Madonna (although she went to New York to make it big), techno, Eminem and the White Stripes. While Detroit was still the world capital of the 

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Interview with Angelika Levi About Her Film My Life Part 2

     |    Wednesday, der 30. March 2011

  (Interview re-published courtesy of the International Forum of New Cinema) Stefanie Schulte Strathaus: Your last film was made a very long time ago. How long did you spend working on MY LIFE, PART 2, your first full-length film? Angelika Levi: I began in 1996. I travelled to Chile and began researching my mother’s life. 

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