When the audience produces a film: Sandgrains

     |    Thursday, der 14. November 2013

I am fascinated by the concept of “Crowdfunding”. From my modest point of view, there cannot be a more honest way of producing a film. It frees the filmmaker of economic interests and entertainment monopolies. The documentary SANDGRAINS, by Gabriel Manrique and Jordie Montevecchi, was financed through Crowdfunding. For those who still don’t know much 

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Divorce in Malta

     |    Tuesday, der 26. July 2011

Photo: Monochrome on Flickr I was surprised to hear that Malta’s Parliament finally passed a law yesterday allowing divorce in Malta. I was not aware that there was still a country of the EU that didn’t allow divorce until now. I thought that being able to divorce is a condition in order to be part 

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The Second Conquest

     |    Tuesday, der 14. September 2010

Free trade agreements? Who cares? How boring can you get. Yeah well… this ain’t boring. The free trade agreement between the European Union, Columbia and Peru makes for suspenseful reading. Adhesion contracts that have precious little to do with free trade. What would you need fat law books for if you really did promote free 

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