Online Petition for Apartheid Reparations

     |    Monday, der 19. April 2010

Source: medico international Daimler – Star of Apartheid   Daimler supported Apartheid in South Africa (although as seen in the film ENDGAME, other companies acted differently). The victims are now seeking justice. Sign our petition! We are demanding that Daimler acknowledge their past and pay fair compensation to the victims of Apartheid! The Soccer World 

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Apartheid Fighter Denis Goldberg Autobiography

     |    Wednesday, der 14. April 2010

The first edition of Denis Goldberg’s biography “Der Auftrag” has just been released in German by the “Assoziation A” publishing house. Like the film ENDGAME , it offers more than just a glance at the fight against Apartheid in South Africa. Goldberg adds new perspectives to this riveting subject. Goldberg was born in 1933, 

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