Berlin Elections 2011 Part 2 – Every Vote 2011

     |    Sunday, der 28. August 2011

„No taxation without representation.” This key demand of the seceding colonists during the American Revolution in 1775/76 is not cited in support of the Tea Party (the 21st century ultra-conservarvative-libertarian US political movement, not necessarily the 1773 direct action against the tea tax autocratically levied by the Kingdom of Great Britain on the American colonies), 

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Tapehead: U.S. Election Special

     |    Saturday, der 30. October 2010

  Thanks to the wonders of the internet, the scanner and the PDF, Tapehead will not have to spend high double digit dough to still cast a ballot in the upcoming U.S. midterm elections on Nov. 2 after the absentee ballot wasn’t sent. So does Tapehead’s or anybody else’s vote really count? Here are three 

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