Older People in Berlin and on realeyz.tv

     |    Monday, der 18. November 2013

Two days ago, I saw a very small, yet interesting exhibition about 100 year old people in Berlin. It takes place at « Rathaus Schöneberg » until December, 15th. The woman on the picture below is called Ulla M. She is 101 and one of the persons presented at this exhibition. I have added a 

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When the audience produces a film: Sandgrains

     |    Thursday, der 14. November 2013

I am fascinated by the concept of “Crowdfunding”. From my modest point of view, there cannot be a more honest way of producing a film. It frees the filmmaker of economic interests and entertainment monopolies. The documentary SANDGRAINS, by Gabriel Manrique and Jordie Montevecchi, was financed through Crowdfunding. For those who still don’t know much 

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Interview with Stefanie Schulte Strathaus /Arsenal for Film and Video Art about VoD

     |    Thursday, der 9. June 2011

In the latest issue of Berlin listings magazine tip, Stefanie Schulte Strathaus, co-director ofArsenal Institute for Film and Video Art, discusses online film distribution with Cargo film magazine co-publisher Ekkehard Knörer. The Arsenal Institute for Film and Video Art is a realeyz.tv channel partner. Interview here (in German): https://www.tip-berlin.de/kino-und-film/das-arsenal-geht-neue-wege

More HOME RECORDINGS in Super 8 and on mp3

     |    Friday, der 22. April 2011

  HOME RECORDINGS by director Mari Soppela is a documentary chronicling the dissolution of her marriage to producer-musician Leo Anemaet. Somewhat along the lines of “Scenes from a Marriage” or “5×2″ meets “Let It Be” (a film which documents the Beatles recording their last released album while growing increasingly estranged in the process, ready for 

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Report from Prague, Comment on Japan

     |    Tuesday, der 15. March 2011

The One World Prague International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, is in full swing.The festival motto “Your energy is needed elsewhere” turned out to be highly prophetic, as will be discussed later. This year’s program sees a new high in terms of quality and relevance. Topics such as Guantanamo, homphobia around the world, children’s rights, 

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