La vida a la basura: DIVE!

     |    Thursday, der 24. April 2014

Una gran voluntad de informar, incontables horas de trabajo y 200$ fue lo que Jeremy Seifert necesitó para realizar DIVE! En 52 minutos, el documental pone sobre la mesa una cuestión que contrasta el exceso de unos con la escasez de otros; las cantidades masivas de comida que se desechan en los supermercados de Estados 

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Lonely Pack: Playing at being kids

     |    Saturday, der 1. March 2014

Sonu and his friends run, shout, play soccer and still believe in superheroes. They are only kids, but they have already met the darkest side of life. They are the heroes of LONELY PACK, a documentary by Justin Peach that goes deep into the lives of a group of children who live on the streets 

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The Best Setting- Night Shifts

     |    Thursday, der 19. December 2013

The sun goes down, but the stars switch on. In the end, night always returns. A full stop in our day-to-day lives, a small break to rest and to get ready for what will come. But the city never sleeps, since there are many who wake up with the silence of nightfall. “Tomorrow is another 

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I Am Gay and Muslim: A Closet With Many Keys

     |    Friday, der 13. December 2013

The Arab Spring seemed to be a democratic awakening of freedom, equality and rights in Morocco and in all the other countries that took part in it. Two years later, the increasing power of Islamic groups and the government’s instability have complicated the situation. But, in stark contrast, Dutch filmmaker Chris Belloni released I AM 

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Don’t forget your guts: Tantra

     |    Thursday, der 5. December 2013

Western societies are fast, impersonal and individualistic. Utilitarian activities are considered more important than activities that could benefit our personal well-being. We are schooled to become “worthy and successful members of the community” . We train our bodies and minds to disregard our emotions, and turn our interior world more and more into an unknown 

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