Interview mit Thodoris Vournas über das Crowdfunding seines neuen Films „The Collector“

     |    Monday, der 5. February 2018

Regisseur Thodoris Vournas befindet sich gerade mitten in den Vorbereitungen seines neuen Kurzfilms „The Collector“. Im Zentrum der Handlung steht der Serienmörder Alexis, der seine Opfer tötet, um sich ihre Wesenszüge und Fähigkeiten anzueignen. Lernt er einen Menschen kennen, den er spannend findet, absorbiert er seinen Charakter und tötet ihn…Mit anderen Worten wird er ein 

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Bright Blue Gorilla: Now Crowdfunding!

     |    Wednesday, der 18. November 2015  |     9

As the nights grow longer and the temperatures are finally beginning to drop, globetrotting minstrel-moviemakers Bright Blue Gorilla have settled in the cozy Prenzlauer Berg indoors for postproduction of opus no. 6, „Mr. Rudolpho’s Jubilee“. Summer saw shooting Tuscany and Milan as well as in our fair city (realeyz reported). To edit, colorgrade and polish 

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Dark Circus – New Horror Film by Julia Ostertag. Now Crowdfunding.

     |    Tuesday, der 3. March 2015

German director Julia Ostertag is a chronicler of often transgressive subcultures – politically and sexually – that create spaces for exploring diverse identities and ways of living. Her documentaries “Gender X” (2007), AND YOU BELONG (2013) and NOISE & RESISTANCE (2011) are insider views of DIY (often queer) music and performance cultures in Berlin and 

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Fallen Blossoms: New Film by Lior Shamriz, Now Crowdfunding

     |    Thursday, der 16. October 2014

Berlin-based director Lior Shamriz (SATURN RETURNS; JAPAN, JAPAN) is currently crowdfunding his latest film „Fallen Blossoms“. Leading actors James Cowan Guo Li are featured in three loosely related episodes. The first two, which take place in Los Angeles, were shot earlier this year. The teaser (see above) for episode 1, „Seventy Eight“, promises a stylish 

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New Films on the Block – Crowdfunding Campaign for Graduate Films

     |    Tuesday, der 2. September 2014

FilmArche in Berlin is Europe’s first student-managed and self-funded film school. Productions by FilmArche students are regularly invited to major festivals, and Eric Esser, director of  soccer zombie short DAWN OF THE DORKS, is an alumnus and organizational committee member. FilmArche’s latest out of the box project is a crowdfunding campaign for six students‘ thesis 

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