Diol Kadd – südlich der Sahara

     |    Thursday, der 22. May 2014

Vom afrikanischen Kontinent kommen seit geraumer Zeit mehr schlechte Nachrichten als gute. Das zu sagen, ist gelinde gesagt, eine Untertreibung. Manchmal liegt die Nachricht sinnbildlich sogar vor der eigenen Haustür. Am Oranienplatz in Kreuzberg, am Alexanderplatz in Mitte und am Breitscheidplatz in Charlottenburg haben in den vergangenen Wochen Flüchtlinge-meist aus Afrika-versucht, ihr Asyl in Europa 

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we are many.myfest

     |    Tuesday, der 3. May 2011

May, 1st celebrations in Berlin  On May 1, 2011 it was once again Labour Day in Germany, a holiday that is celebrated as May Day and also as a call for workers to take action. Many, many people turned up for the traditional myfest in Berlin-Kreuzberg. The myfest is a huge street party centered around 

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     |    Sunday, der 13. March 2011

Yesterday, I tested a new type of vending machine: the disco-vending machine by artist Katja Kollowa. This is a funny machine located at Oranienstr. in Berlin-Kreuzberg. If one inserts 10 cents, then the machine starts blinking and disco music comes out of it for about 30 seconds. Not much time but enough to dance a 

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The German TV show “Das Dschungelcamp 2011″

     |    Sunday, der 30. January 2011

The television show « Das Dschungelcamp» has been existing on the German TV station RTL for several years already. I had never watched it during the past years because I didn’t think that it could possibly interest me. This year, I started watching by accident and I must admit that I have liked this show 

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Berlin Diary: You’ve Been Tagged!

     |    Friday, der 21. January 2011

Tags by innumerable graffiti fans on a gallery door at Skalitzer’s in Kreuzberg (Skalitzers Contemporary Art, Skalitzer Strasse 43, Berlin.) The picture looks computer generated but the strange effect resulted from the flash at the end of a long exposure on a hand-held snapshot. It was morning… but hey – morning, afternoon, evening – what 

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