Berlin Diary: The Color of Summer

     |    Friday, der 10. September 2010

  The shades of fall are starting to appear. Warm yellows on the trees, deep orange and crimson on leaves already fallen. I’m savoring color now so I can take the fresh taste of summer with me through the long winter. These flowers grace the playground at Lausitzer Platz. Their deep blue and purple is 

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Berlin Diary: Dub Steps In

     |    Saturday, der 28. August 2010

Dubstep made in Germany… subbass concocted by mechanics and by hotcheesecrew some very hot graphics. Started with Skream, Magnetic Man. What was that about Madonna? Drinking tea in Chi Chu, boys in jackets, girls with glasses, music on matchbooks. Windowlickers, party tickers, subbass, below the waist –  Dub Steps In…      

Berlin Diary: Summer in the City

     |    Tuesday, der 24. August 2010

  Berlin is an amazing place sometimes. The amount of green: grass, trees, flowers even weeds is a tribute to all the people who have fought to keep mother nature as one of the city’s most valued residents. Enjoy the summer days while they last. This blog is also my tribute to the all the 

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Berlin Diary: Playgrounds

     |    Thursday, der 12. August 2010

The photographic image, whether on paper or the computer screen, is two dimensional. But pumping your legs and making a big upward arc on a swing is a little trip through time and space.