Marina Abramović: The Artist is Present

     |    Friday, der 14. February 2014

For almost forty years, Marina Abramović has used her body as a medium of expression, testing her own physical and physiological limits, flowing between fiction and reality. She is known for taking the idea of artistic performance to the edge; using nudity and self-flagellation as some of her strategies on scene. After a whole life 

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Keith Haring Retrospective at Brooklyn Museum

     |    Monday, der 9. January 2012

Flavorpill, the music/film/art geek’s ultimate online information source, just published their list of most anticipated art exhibitions in 2012. Among them, a show Keith Haring’s early works at the Brooklyn Museum. Sure, Haring is often cited as an example of ultimate co-optation of underground voices by the mainstream. Haring’s distinctive, stylized figures with bold outlines 

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Berlin Diary: Soma and the Reindeer

     |    Saturday, der 11. December 2010

  Maybe the Soma exhibition at Hamburger Bahnhof had more of an effect on me than I care to admit. When I first entered the hall and saw that there really was a herd of live reindeer living inside I was shocked.  The first thing I photographed was not the deer, not even the exhibition 

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High Culture, Low Culture, All Culture, No Culture

     |    Monday, der 27. September 2010

    Thomas Traum shows “high” and “low” culture joining hands in a quest for money, sex and power. Let the silicon, clunky bling and car grills smack you in the face. Rolls-Royce meets Ghetto Blaster. 1990’s pure. Traum’s clip reads like a requiem   and shows how what was once an art form of 

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Myths from the Depths of College Graduates

     |    Sunday, der 8. August 2010

What happens when a whole slew of recent art school graduates with little to no employment get together to make a film? Flames, theatrics, and inspiring uses of recycled materials, to name a few. An independent film being produced and shot in Connecticut, headed by Olivia Obin, Mooning Over Earth will explore themes of nature, 

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