Der Film „The Great Eastern“ und Konzert mit “The Callas”: 27. Februar im Trianon

     |    Wednesday, der 28. February 2018

Der zweite Spielfilm von Lakis und Aris Ionas, inspiriert durch den gleichnamigen Roman von Andreas Embirikos, wird am 27. Februar einmalig in Trianon Kino Athen präsentiert. Es ist eine der wenigen Gelegenheiten für die breite Öffentlichkeit, den Film im Kino zu erleben. Schließlich war „The Great Eastern“ nach seiner Weltpremiere im Onassis Kulturzentrum Athen bisher 

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Tony Conrad – In Berlin And On realeyz

     |    Thursday, der 20. August 2015  |     1

US minimalist composer-filmmaker-author-curator-activist Tony Conrad has been shaping the way we listen and see for over five decades. His drone music collaborations with John Cale, La Monte Young, Marian Zazeela and Angus MacLise (as The Dream Syndicate) changed the face of rock – by way of Cale’s later band, the ceaselessly influential Velvet Underground and 

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The Animals – Sneak Peek at New Film by Kerstin Cmelka With Mario Mentrup

     |    Tuesday, der 4. August 2015

Austrian-born, Berlin-based artist Kerstin Cmelka creates work that navigates the spaces between improvisation, gesture, performance, reference and reenactment. She is currently pre-producing „The Animals“, a deconstruction of method acting and anthropomorphic depictions of non-human fellow Earthlings that will be hitting white cubes, black boxes and interesting cultural spaces inbetween next year. Collaborators include cinematographer-filmmaker Volker 

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Art Girls Now on Facebook and YouTube, Coming to Cinemas Near You Starting April 9

     |    Wednesday, der 11. March 2015

„Don’t panic!… It’s just art.“ Art Girls by Robert Bramkamp is a new science fiction flick set in the Berlin art scene and featuring real life artworks by Paul McCarthy, Susanne Weirich, Maren Strack, Joseph Beuys, Martin Kippenberger and other artists. The film explores what happens art and real life become increasingly entwined. When art 

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Labour in a Single Shot – Harun Farocki and Antje Ehmann on Work in the 21st Century

     |    Thursday, der 26. February 2015

The depiction of labor in mass media, analysing pre-industrial, industrial and digital economic structures and redefining the working class as a group (and ideally sense of class consciousness and solidarity) to which the bricklayer and the media professional alike belong as equals – these were some recurring themes of the late Harun Farocki’s work. So 

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