7th Arsenal Summer School August 27 – 29, 2015 – Registration Deadline August 15

     |    Wednesday, der 12. August 2015  |     1

The 7th annual Arsenal Summer School will explore shifts in cinema as a a theoretical concept and cultural practice. And expand beyond downtown Potsdamer Platz into the working class, semi-bohemian district of Wedding. In addition to the Arsenal cinema at Potsdamer Platz, the Summer School will also add a second location, the silent green Kulturquartier 

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Meet the Curator – Stefanie Schulte Strathaus of Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art

     |    Thursday, der 5. February 2015

Today, the 65th Berlin International Film Festival opened to the usual media hoopla and scrutiny. Also celebrating round anniversaries but not yet of pensioner age are the International Forum of New Cinema (in its 45th edition) and Forum Expanded (happy 10th birthday!), a sidebar for moving images that explore the space between cinema and fine 

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CROP – Reframing the Media and Documentary Practice

     |    Wednesday, der 8. October 2014

The 2011 Egyptian Revolution has generated terabytes of still and moving images. They were disseminated seconds after their creation through social media. Practically overnight, cellphones, Twitter and Facebook shattered the carefully controlled image production by state-run media. The autocratic government of Hosni Mubarak relied heavily on print media and television to lull Egyptians into passive 

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Pier Paolo Pasolini: Von Rom nach Berlin

     |    Monday, der 8. September 2014

“Pasolini hat die Schauspieler auf der Straße ausgesucht und hat uns hingenommen so wie wir waren. Einige von uns kamen morgens verspätet am Drehort an, weil sie vorher stehlen mussten um zu essen, andere kamen gar nicht, weil sie am vorigen Tag verhaftet wurden.“ So Franco Citti, einer der Protagonisten von „Accattone“, die erste Regiearbeit 

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International Short Film Festival Oberhausen on realeyz.de

     |    Saturday, der 3. May 2014

Until May 6, the 60th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen presents the state of the art in cinema under 45 minutes (where nowadays a lot of the action is). 134 films from 41 countries are competing in the International and German competitions, for the MuVi music video award and in special sections devoted to children’s 

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