All About Tesla – Now Available As an

     |    Friday, der 19. August 2011  |     1

Michael Krause, director of ALL ABOUT TESLA – THE RESEARCH, also published his results in form. Tesla probably would have approved of this use of electricity. ************************************************************************************************

Tesla news

     |    Saturday, der 27. February 2010

The new Tesla documentary “On the Road to Tesla”, was selected for the dragon forum film production workshop in Warsaw beginning March 10, 2010. This means that a new docu-fiction about Nikola Tesla, the man who invented the 20th century, is about to be produced. It’ll be inspiring to see Tesla’s life, his approach and 

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Inventing the 20th Century: Nikola Tesla

     |    Thursday, der 4. February 2010

At, you can find out ALL ABOUT TESLA in sound and image. To find out even more about this inventor and electrical engineer, read director Michael Krause’s new German language book: “Wie Nikola Tesla das 20. Jahrhundert erfand” (How Nikola Tesla Invented the 20th Century) recently published by the Wiley-VCH Verlag. Tesla invented a 

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Tesla Tunguska Terror

     |    Tuesday, der 12. January 2010

For some time there has been a kind of ‘discussion’ going on that Tesla has caused the Tunguska incident. The logic behind this ‘discussion’ is very simple: Tesla had built Wardenclyffe; Tesla had announced “bolts of Thor” – his death-ray concept – and Tesla wanted to show his concept was working. Mixing all this together, 

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What if Tesla…

     |    Tuesday, der 27. October 2009

Nikola Tesla lived in an age of decisions. Around 1900, all ingredients of the modern times came into being. Would Tesla’s ideas had been successfully integrated in the to-do scheme of the times, our world would be quite different. Free communication, free sustainable energy production, emmisssion-free electric cars. How radical was Tesla actually? Imagine an 

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