MusicFilmWeb: Interview With RADICAL ACT Director Tex Clark

     |    Monday May 16th, 2011

We welcome new guest blogger MusicFilmWeb, the online resource for news and background lowdown on music documentaries. Their first post is an insightful interview with RADICAL ACT director Tex Clark (pictured left) by MFW’s Andy Markowitz, published on December 17, 2010. Clark spoke to Markowitz about the film’s remarkable history, the timeliness of its current 

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Radical Acts: Skype Interview with Gretchen Phillips

     |    Wednesday February 2nd, 2011

RADICAL ACT producer Erin Donovan catches up with iconic singer-songwriter Gretchen Phillips via Skype, 15 years after Radical Act’s completion . They discuss her music’s mission, ‘out’ gay musicians, Mercury phases, online vs. really being there and more. >

Radical Act – New Teaser

     |    Friday January 14th, 2011

For the DVD and VOD release of RADICAL ACT (director Tex Clark pictured left) 15 years after the film’s original release in 1995, a new teaser was produced, highlighting the musicians views on the political dimension of their work. Watch it here.