Street Art in Motion

     |    Monday March 21st, 2011

Street art is no two dimensional matter. Even if the works have been sprayed, drawn, scribbled, painted, taped or glued onto a flat surface, they are conceived as part of three dimensional urban space. Maybe that explains the proliferation of short films in which street art is not just documented but in which the moving 

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Berlin Diary: Soma and the Reindeer

     |    Saturday December 11th, 2010

Maybe the Soma exhibition at Hamburger Bahnhof had more of an effect on me than I care to admit. When I first entered the hall and saw that there really was a herd of live reindeer living inside I was shocked.  The first thing I photographed was not the deer, not even the exhibition itself 

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Berlin Diary: Welcome To The Show

     |    Friday November 26th, 2010

Berlin is full of site specific artworks. Keep your eyes and ears open and you’ll see it, hear it, feel it. I give props to this artist. I’ve seen her work around – and have recorded some. By the way, snowy, cold, dark – this shot was taken at 8:00 in the morning in Berlin 

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Berlin Diary: Seeing Coffee

     |    Monday October 11th, 2010

  Xhiller visited the Stroke 03 market for Urban Art at Gleisdreieck but was most taken by a one-person anonymous exhibition that was held in the Gleisdreieck U-Bahn station. It consisited on this one piece. Coffee.           Deeper into the station, down the stepson the way to the Stroke.03 exhibition hall, 

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