ART GIRLS Now Online!

     |    Friday October 30th, 2015  |     6

After a nomadic existence in cinema screenings around Germany, ART GIRLS go domestic – as of today, the film is available on DVD through realeyz’s partner good!movies and as VOD on realeyz. To get into the mood, watch the teaser here: And here’s an in-depth conversation between director Robert Bramkamp and film critic Georg Seeßlen 

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Art Girls Now on Facebook and YouTube, Coming to Cinemas Near You Starting April 9

     |    Wednesday March 11th, 2015

“Don’t panic!… It’s just art.” Art Girls by Robert Bramkamp is a new science fiction flick set in the Berlin art scene and featuring real life artworks by Paul McCarthy, Susanne Weirich, Maren Strack, Joseph Beuys, Martin Kippenberger and other artists. The film explores what happens art and real life become increasingly entwined. When art 

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ART GIRLS: Coming to a Cinema and Online Classroom Near You

     |    Sunday February 8th, 2015

ART GIRLS by Robert Bramkamp is a sci-fi-flick cum art world satire featuring German stars Peter Lohmeyer (in a double role) and Inga Busch along with some real life artworks by Martin Kippenberger, Susanne Weirich, Paul McCarthy, Joseph Beuys and many others. The story centers on three Berlin-based artists (Busch, Megan Gay and Jana Schulz) 

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From Pynchon to Art Girls: The Films of Robert Bramkamp

     |    Thursday April 10th, 2014

Long before Paul Thomas Anderson’s upcoming adaptation of Thomas Pynchon’s “Inherent Vice“, an intrepid director from Hamburg undertook the challenge of bringing the reclusive novelist to the screen. Robert Bramkamp’s sci-fi essay film PRÜFSTAND 7 (Test Stand 7) is based in part on Pynchon’s 1973 V2 rocket thriller cum sprawling socio-historical tableau “Gravity’ Rainbow”, which 

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