R.I.P. Peter Kern – From Fassbinder to Räuber Hotzenplotz and Beyond

     |    Thursday August 27th, 2015  |     1

Austrian filmmaker and actor Peter Kern has passed away at age 66. He had been performing since childhood, singing in the Vienna Boys Choir and acting on stage and screen. His film debut was Hans-Jürgen Syberberg’s “Ludwig – Requiem for a Virgin King” (1972), the first of Syberg’s monumental and controversial reflections on German history. 

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My Own Private Berlinale 2014 – Part 2

     |    Thursday February 20th, 2014

By Andrew Horn At the end of Wes Anderson’s “Grand Budapest Hotel” is a title that says it was inspired by the writings of Stephen Zweig. Of all the surprises in the movie, and there were quite a few, this was one that probably surprised me the most. Inspiration can come from even the most 

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